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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our little Calla is six

Despite our best efforts, our children continue to grow.  And today Calla turned six.  She is no longer my favorite five-year-old, so I guess I'll have to find a new one of those.  I do have a new favorite six-year-old, though. She happens to be just as cute as my favorite five your old was yesterday.

I wrote on her shirt with washable marker.  It says "It's my BIRTHDAY!" on the front, and "Today I'm 6!" on the back.  It's the second year I've done it and I think it's such a great traditon.  The kids get all kinds of comments on their shirts and happy birthday wishes.  And then I wash the shirt and it's good as new!

Several weeks ago Calla spotted this climbing wall and kept telling me she wanted to climb on it.  I inquired as to the minimum age requirement, and they said they like to have kids be at least four.  I told her we'd definitely consider it. She may have wiggled with glee at the prospect of even considering it.

Last week we asked when the wall tends not to be super busy.  And today we gathered the kids and met one of our new little friends there.  There were three very excited girls.

Birthday girl went first.  She totally tackled the wall.

She made it all the way to the top on the first try. She reported that there was no treasure at the top.

Grace let their new little friend go next.  She made it all the way to the top, too.  Then Grace tackled the wall.  GO GRACE!

After having admitted that she was a little scared, she went at it and showed no signs of that fear once she got on the wall.

And then she went again.

And Calla went a few more times, as well as their little friend.

Between the three of them they did four different routes and went up a total of four or five times each.  The first time they did a route they kind of panicked at the top and wanted down.  The second or third time they would go all the way to the top. I can see where it would be scary when you get up there so high and then kind of feel like you run out of options.  But then getting back up there and tackling it again, that's just awesome.

I had to giggle at their little friend.  I really like her.  The wall is right by a glass room that's used for parties and such and there was cake in one of them.  She asked me if we were going to have birthday cake.  I told her no, this kind of was the cake.  She smiled at me and told me this was WAY better than cake anyway.  I whole-heartedly agree with her.

After climbing for nearly an hour I think the kids were getting tired, but they still had to go to dance class.  So we did a really fast present opening, .

deposited Grace and Calla at their class and returned their little friend to her mom.  Then we went to the little play area to wait for dance class to get over. 

Violet got to do a little climbing in there.  So, all the girls got to climb for Calla's birthday.

 Carsten preferred to slide.  He probably went down it two dozen times in the 35 minutes we were there.

Huge thanks to aunt Alisha for sharing her muffin recipe.  They make great birthday cake!  We put huckleberries in them instead of blueberries.  They are awesome.  The best primal bread recipe I've had so far.  And bonus that they aren't nearly as much work to make as a birthday cake!

But the candles on them are still just as difficult to blow out apparently.

You have to try several different methods in order to get them all out.

Happy Birthday to our little Calla.  I like where you are headed, my favorite six-year-old!

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