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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A little Primal update

The last two weeks have been pretty crazy.  Moving across the state can turn your world up-side-down and give it a good shake.  But in all honesty, remaining in my Primal path was pretty darn easy. 

Oh, and I found my scale.  It says I lost weight.  Over THIRTY POUNDS since around this time last year.  Granted, I was not on my primal path this time last year, but there was a spot in there where I lost about fifteen pounds.  And then I probably gained most of it back. Then sometime the end of June I packed up my scale and put it in storage. So I'm thinking that since going Primal, I've lost over 20 pounds. 

And I feel great. 

Did I mention that I took the whole family with me?  I decided it needed to happen.  And aside from Grace asking if we have toast for breakfast and Calla wondering if she'll ever have macaroni and cheese from a box again (which was rare to begin with), there have been few complaints from that section.  Even the complaints I get are not really that passionate.  More of a passing, wondering comment.

We did realize last Friday that we didn't have any fruit or vegetables in the house.  And the kids were hungry.  So we told them we'd go to the store and get some.  You would have thought we had given them a free lifetime pass to Disneyland or something.  Seriously, I'd say kids in a candy store, but it was the produce section!  They were really that excited.  They picked out apples and oranges and grapes and carrots and cucumbers and orange peppers and green peppers and purple cabbage and green cabbage and pomegranates.  And they came home and ate them.  My kids are weird by many standards and I love it.

Now for the last three days Grace has been asking for turkey pizza.  It's a white sauce pizza I make with garlic and cheese and such.  It's an after Thanksgiving tradition we have.  And we had a package of turkey in the freezer.  So I went to work figuring out how to make it without the crust. 

I found this recipe for flourless pizza.  The crust is made out of eggs.  You whip up the whites, fold in the yokes and bake it for a few minutes.  I forgot to add the salt, but it turned out beautifully.

It kind of reminds me of Dutch Babies, only without the flour.  And it was SUPER easy!  Easier than making a bread dough crust.  And faster, and with way less mess, too! I count a triple bonus there!

Here's the pizza all ready to eat. 

One excited.

Two excited.
 Three excited


And there was not a single complaint from the complaint department!  In fact, they all ate more than one piece. 

Hey mom, are you done yet?  I'm trying to eat here.

Sorry little dude.  Carry on.

The husband didn't have any complaints either.  So I declared dinner a success.  Then they had yogurt for dessert.  Plain yogurt with some jam stirred into it.

Some of you who have been reading my blog for a while will recall a journey I went on a few years ago to make my own sourdough starter.  I baked my own sourdough bread for over two years and it was delicious.  But I will honestly say that I don't miss it.  I don't miss making it every other day (and the mess).  I don't miss the inflammation in my hands that I have since learned was caused by grains.  I don't miss the bread, either.  I'll admit that it is a little sad, but I feel roughly THIRTY pounds lighter and roughly a MILLION times better.  I've noticed that my kids are thoroughly enjoying good food and I am putting forth a lot less effort to feed them. 

And I feel like my journey has just begun.

The book claims that weightloss the Primal way is effortless.  I find that to be true.  It's taking a lot less effort to both lose weight, do the recommended exercises (which is a wagon I need to jump back on here soon) and prepare the food than I think most folks put forth in their non-primal ways.  It's quite incredible.

It all makes me very happy.

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Miranda said...

Heidi, this is awesome. I'm fascinated. Maybe not enough to do it, but enough to look into it ;) I'm proud of you either way though!