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Friday, September 23, 2011

Yay for play!

A few days ago the kids found a ball in the yard.  One of those $2 balls that you get at the grocery store.  And it was thrilling.  Until they realized that there were four of them and only one ball.  Then they just ran around kicking eachother and crying. 

Not so thrilling.

Yesterday was one of those days that was so beautiful that I kind of wanted to just go get all the kids out of school and go play with them.  I refrained from taking them out of school, but after school I did go play with them.  And the ball.  And there was no crying.

We divided the lawn in half, Grace and Calla on one side and Violet, Carsten and me on the other.  I kicked the ball to Calla, Calla kicked it to Violet, Violet kicked it to me, I kicked it to Grace and Grace kicked it back to our side, where Carsten would "run" and get it.  And he also got to kick it, which was mostly mom using him as a croquet mallet. 

Everyone was running around not fighting and having a great time.  Including mom.

Then they discovered the mud.

V got her game face one.

C & C were distracted beyond return.

It's amazing how fast they can go from dry and clean to wet and muddy.

Grace was still into the kicking thing.  And now she got to be on that side all by herself.

V decided she didn't want to kick any more.  She was going to throw it.  Which was okay since there really were no rules anyway.

Mr. C just got in deeper and deeper (as did Miss C).

Later when daddy came home, they all went out and showed dad the new game--minus the mud--while I got dinner finished up and on the table.

Yay for play!  And beautiful, sunny fall days!

And yay for ignoring the giant pile of clean laundry in the living room!  (That is still there!)

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