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Thursday, September 8, 2011

School girls

This year we have three in school.

A second grader, who is old hat at this school thing and super excited to be a second grader. (Her teacher already has her pegged as smart, sweet and responsible.)

One started Kindergarten:

This is one excited kid.  Today she got up at 5am, got dressed and woke the second grader up.  The second grader told her it was 5am and she should go back to bed.  So the kindergartner went back to bed, kind of.

The preschooler:

After school today I asked the preschooler what her favorite part of school was.  Her answer?  Criss-cross Applesauce.

(On a side note, said preschooler and her older sisters were out examining the plums on that tree today.  They are not to play with the tree or touch the plums.  But the plums are beginning to turn purple.  The preschooler announced that they were "getting ripe on the back of their heads.")

The three school girls all ready to go this morning.  Gosh they are happy.

And after getting up around 5am and spending a day at school, getting put on the bus even though she wasn't supposed to be on the bus, having her mom come and get her off the bus after a short ride, coming home to a snack, a walk, some relaxing and some dinner, this kindergartner is plum worn out. 

And she's excited to go back tomorrow.

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