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Monday, September 5, 2011

Some Labor Day fun

Eight years ago on Labor Day we had a baby girl.  Personally, that's probably the best Labor Day yet.  But today we had some fun, too. 

After we cleaned the house, we went to the river armed with some lunch, some fishing poles and some worms. 

It was a beautiful day at the river.  Calla got off to a good start.

As did Violet.

Look at all of them there just fishing away.

 And Grace got the first one.

Followed shortly by Calla's catch.

And then it was Violet's turn.  I did the holding, she did the reeling.  Kind of.

But no matter, she got a fish. 

And Calla got the honor of letting it go.  Because she isn't scared of slime. 

Unlike her older sister who wouldn't touch the worms. 

Violet was thrilled to have caught a fish.

And daddy even got to catch one.  Though I think it was the littlest one of the day. 

What a great day.  And the house was clean and we were home before 3 o'clock, well before anyone melted down into a pile of tired, hot and cranky. 

I'd do that again.

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grandpa said...

That looked like a great time! Wish we could have been there!