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Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcome to the zoo

Last night I discovered a creature in our basement.

I'm pretty thankful it wasn't the furry, scurrying type.

And the kids are pretty excited to have a creature pal today. (He'll go outside free later today.)

Carsten even got in on the action before Grace got on the bus.

And these little creatures are now getting out of their box and running around.  If I wasn't afraid that there was something outside that would get them, they would SO be outside.  I'm not a cat person, but still.  They are pretty darn cute.

Then we discovered this in the garage: 

An injured duck.  Not so injured that it couldn't fly or recover enough to make it.  But injured non the less and in a corner of the garage.  So my plan was to put it in with the chickens until it got stronger. 

But then it got out of the bucket and flew away with the little dog after it.  I think it was fine.  And I have no intention of chasing it down.

And this all before 10am.  Yes, we have a zoo.  I'm okay with it.

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