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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello. My name is Heidi. And I'm addicted to tie-dye.

And, I'm guilty of knowingly getting others hooked on tie-dye. And not just my adult friends, my children and their little friends.

I'm dangerous. Run. Run fast and far.

And don't read the rest of this post.

And don't look at the pictures.

Consider yourself warned.

For the last almost two weeks my friend has been here with her two kids. We had in our house a 5,4,3,almost 2 and a 1-year-old. It was great.

She's one of my friends from Washington. And she is one of my original tie-dye victims.

But I think she still loves me. Why else would she drive 12+ hours across the country in the middle of summer with two youngsters to see me?

Anyway, I can't have a visit from her without tie-dye. It would be like having strawberry shortcake without the strawberries.

Plus Violet had a birthday. And I used Violet's birthday as an excuse to tie-dye. (Bad mom!) I got her three little union suits and was going to make them special. But I hadn't gotten to them yet. I also had something for the older girls.

I was excited. My friend was excited. The little kids were napping and the big kids were playing nicely.

It was looking good.

So, the maddness began. And went on for most of the day.

Frankly, the result is quite possibly the BEST tie-dye I've ever done.


My friend got some super fun stuff--not the least of which was an adult-sized union suit for her husband.

We giggled a lot. He loves it.

Her daughter gets to wear this dress and is very excited about it.

I can see why.

I've recently been on a tie-dyed heart kick.

Violet's little union suits.



I love how the colors turned out on it. And since she took two steps this weekend, there is hope that the little behind with a heart on it will be toodling around the house soon.

And I had this wild idea. What if I made a little heart right there and made it the center of a swirl?

I like it.

And an experiment that actually turned out pretty nice.

Grace and Calla requested hearts.

And they got them.

Calla's. She picked the colors. Can you tell?

It actually looks pretty nice on her.

This I believe is the most gorgeous piece of tie dye I've ever done.

And it's cotton velour.

I hope Grace wears it out.

Recently Calla has been telling nearly everyone she meets who is wearing a white shirt that "You need to tie dye that." Okay, maybe not everyone, but me, her dad, her grandpa and the neighbor girl. Repeatedly.

The girl loves to tie-dye. I think it's genetic. Or maybe she just likes the mess, I don't know. But either way, the kid loves to tie-dye. And she wanted to help. I told her mommy was going to do these, but if she wanted to, she could pick the colors she wanted on hers and she could ask daddy for one of his million and one white t-shirts.

Daddy told her he'd give her one if she promised to make it pretty. The kid has interesting taste in color. Did I mention she picked the colors on her dress? But she promised.

Anyway, we worked out what design she wanted on daddy's shirt and got it all tied up. Then came the choosing of colors. She did well for a bit. But then she realized that she only had a little bit more white space left and there were still ALL THESE COLORS ON THE TABLE!

Needless to say, she used most of them.

The look on daddy's face when she brought it out to him was priceless. Absolutely priceless. And he said something like, "Wow, Calla. That is colorful!"

The man is not above wearing tie-dye. In fact, if you look back over the last month, I think he's wearing tie-dye in every picture he's in.

Calla's taste in color might just be a little wild for him. But she's pretty darn proud of it.


Kimberlina said...

That tie dye is killing me. I'm ordering my dye for my wedding dress tonight. Prepare for some insanity!

Heidi said...

Order a union suit, too. But I cannot do ANYTHING until after I move. Because I'm living my own insanity at this moment.