After four kids, ten moves and nearly two decades, we are still blissfully in love (most of the time) and I found myself back in the state I was born and raised in. It has definitely been a journey. In fact, on our 18th anniversary we pulled the last of our stuff up over the pass and into Montana, leaving our surprise love, Idaho, behind. But Montana is a great place. The last best place according to some. And we fully intend to explore as much of it as we can! Join us on our continued adventure through life, love and other stuff that comes with it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don't let her fool you

She's cute, yes.

But if you look closley at the picture, you'll notice clues of the real Calla. The rough and tumble Calla. The Calla who does her own hair and does her own thing. The Calla who recently has been campaigning to get a new baby sister because this one is too loud.

I love my little Calla. She's got spunk. And she's cute.

On a side note, this picture was taken by Brittany Blackburn, the main organizer of the conference. She has been taking all the pictures for the International Babywearing Conference next summer. Go check out the conference site. And consider coming. It's going to be a good time!

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