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Friday, September 5, 2008

Ring sling ding-a-ling

I have three children. The oldest just turned five. When she was tiny I discovered babywearing. I didn't discover the babywearing love with her, but I did discover babywearing. I blame it on the ring sling, not the baby.

I had purchased a ring sling after seeing one at a local le Leche meeting. It was a good ring sling. And I watched the video and tried to figure it out. I used it on occasion, but I could never get it right and it was never really comfortable. So I did the natural thing any uncomfortable and slightly frustrated new mother would do and gave up.

With baby #2, I discovered the mei tai and shortly afterwards (like literally 2 seconds afterwards), babywearing love. Since then I've branched into other carriers--particularly wraps. But I still considered myself quite ring sling challenged, as I termed it.

Yesterday I walked into my local baby wearing meeting with baby #3 expertly tucked into my one ring sling. The two leaders literally stopped what they were doing and looked at me in shock, "Is that a ring sling?? Is that really Heidi??" I was late, so there was no doubt that it was me. They were obviously surprised and might still be in shock.

It had been no secret how challenged I had been. But yes, I finally mastered the ring sling. I understand it and how it works and I can make it work for me. And I'm rather proud of that. I now consider myself a well-rounded baby wearer--crafter of one carrier, advocate of many.

I was talking with a fellow babywearer this evening and I mentioned that I had used my ring sling today. She promptly announced that she was a "ring sling ding-a-ling," a term that totally cracked me up! In fact, I kind of wish I had thought of it before I had mastered the darn thing. It would have been more fun. I may have not worked so hard to figure it out just so I could sit under that term and giggle.

Carry on!

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