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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Instead of dusting off our flip flops

Apparently this is an annual party that we were invited to this year.  Kind of a big neighborhood joint birthday party, hot dog roast, reason to get together and slide down a big hill on sleds.  They get the team out and get everyone on the sleigh and out to the hill.  (Yes, he uses the team to feed the livestock, too.)

Grace and Calla on one of their first runs. 

The snow was perfect.  Hard enough that we didn't sink into it--all three plus feet of it.  Slick enough that the kids got some good speed.

But Mr. C here didn't really seem to think much of the snow.  He really just wanted a nap.

He did get one.  And Little Miss Calla really wanted a ride on a snow machine.  So I found someone to give her a ride.

I think she liked it.  A lot.

Grace got a ride, too.

She liked it, too.  A lot.

Then we went for another ride on the other sled.

Hey!!  I know that guy!! 


I know it's getting to be the end of March.  But I'm still not tired of the snow.  It's still fun.

And the neighbors are so great to invite us out for a new snow fun experience!

You all can dust your flip flops off whenever you like.  I'm going to keep my gloves and hat handy and go have some more snow fun.

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Jaqueline said...

Enjoy your snow. Ours has disappeared and the tourists came in hordes.