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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fancy Nancy (Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!)

Yesterday Grace brought a note home that brought news of Dr. Seuss' birthday celebration at her school.  There was a party planned and the students were invited to dress up as their favorite story book character. 

Grace wanted to be Grace the Glitter Fairy.  She'd need a pink dress, pink wings, pink tights, pink shoes and a wand.  We didn't have all those things, so I began hoping she'd just forget.

But this morning she got up looking for her costume.  Dangit.

So we went searching for something.  Anything really.

And there at the top of the stairs was a fancy skirt that had been discarded carelessly by a younger sibling.

Fancy.  Oooooo!  Fancy Nancy!

She totally went for it.  And we scrounged around and came up with this costume.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss.  From our little Fancy Nancy.

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Jaqueline said...

The "cat in the hat" read his book at the Children's Library at NYPL and gave us all hats in honor of Dr. Seuss' big day.

They also had this going on:

I giant installation made of 10,000 Dr. Seuss books on the front step to jump start NYPL's READ program.