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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some things just make me so happy on the inside

Grace brought this home from school today:

My Writing Journal

I believe that's a picture of a mountain on the front.  It's her journal for the whole year so far.  I read through it and every page made me smile.  So I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. 

At scool I like to lurn.

At home I like to play wiht my sisters. 
(It looks like her sisters are on their faces on the sidewalk, but they are apparently just walking.)

I can help my sistrs if thay git hrt.
You can see the tears on the sister on the right.  Apparently there was a bike wreck.

Now I can read boocks.
I love that she loves to read. 

At potato harvest I got to ride on a potato truck.

I blogged that here.  Her picture is really quite accurate!

My pet is a horse.  I like to ride my horse and I like to feed my horse.

My animal is a moose and it can loose its anlers and it can run fast.  It is brown.
Notice she said antlers, not horns.  That's a lot of Yellowstone Park right there.

In the woods I saw a fish jumping up a waterfall and we taueck pichers of the fish and to get there we walket.

This kid is a future blogger!  She's got stuff to say and she says it well!  And her fish is great!

For Thanksgiving we had a big diner with only the familey.  We had terkey and stufing and rluos and auother thanksgiving food.

Turkey, stuffing, rolls and other food.  Yup.

Last year I went to my Grandmas for thanksgiving and it was a lot of fun.  My ants and unkls came.

I love this kid.  Ants.  We have ants in our family.

I have changed.  I have grown it is fun to grow.  I am not in kindrgortin.  I am in first grad it is fun to lern in first grade.  It was not close to winter and it is now.  It was not close to my moms brithday and it is now.  I am not six cose I trod seven.  5 sentisis!!!!!!!!

A proud moment!

I can teach my sister Calla to read.  I can teach my sister Violet to ride a bike.  I can teach my brother Carsten to crol.  I can teach my sister Violet the alfobet.  I can teach my sisters Violet and Calla to be pashent.

Grace is a very patient girl.  VERY patient.  She had her birthday in September and her birthday party in January.  That's how patient she is. 

My room is peschielue becuse my room is just for me.  I love my room I think it is the best place in the hawse.

Her drawing is really very accurate.  And her room is clean and her bed is made.  Yes, her room is special.  And yes, she really likes it.

This weekend I went ice skateing with Francie.  Then I went to her howse and we played.  It was fun.  My Gradma and Gradpa came for a cuple days and we went snow shoeing.  It was a lot of fun.  We also had my sisters Birthday while they were here.

My pet is a huorse.  In the spring it is fun to ride him.  His name is Shmire.  But this year we founb someone to take caer of him.  I miss Shmire.  He likes carrits so if we had carrits we bring a carrit to him every time we go to see him.

We miss that horse.  He's spending the winter at a different place with other horses rather than snowed in our barn.  Violet has been asking about him lately. We need to go see him.

In the morning I get up.  I lik to jump rope.  My mom thinks I'm cute.  I have a nose.  I can play a tune on the Panow.  This morning my sister did a shout!

Yes, her mom thinks she's cute.  And yes, she does have a nose.  Her mom thinks her nose is cute, too.

This teacher-turned-mama is proud of her little girl.  She's such a reader and writer.  And she rocks the math thing, too!  Maybe she got the best of her mama and her daddy!  GO GRACE!


Miranda said...

I love this whole post. I can see why you're proud Heidi. Go Grace!! You are doing awesome.

Lisa said...

You made me want to go back and read Zoe's.
I think I will do that now. (and Mias too).