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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

They don't know if we don't tell them!

This morning I had a great visit with the local la Leche League leader.  We were talking about doctors and how they often times tell us things that go against our instinct.  I just smile and nod and go home and do what I want. 

But last week I was also talking to a friend with a newborn (Kimber! Wave at everyone!)  Her little guy has jaundice, which isn't uncommon, and the pediatrician's office is telling her she HAS to feed her baby a certain amount of formula.  She won't.  And during one of the visits she actually said to the nurse something like, "But don't you think that feeding him some formula will cause problems with our nursing relationship?"

And the nurse said, "I hadn't thought of that."  Sadly, her response didn't surprise me.

I told my la Leche League leader friend about the nurse's response.  Her comment was the whole reason for this post.  Basically, she pointed out that if we go home after we smile and nod and do what we want to do and it works and we don't tell the doctor, how can they know that we didn't do what they told us to do?  And how can they know that what we did do worked??  

They don't know if we don't tell them. Yes, they are highly educated.  But they also are highly educated in many very general areas.  Modern medicine is amazing.  But there are some areas that I question. And the nature of the field is such that individual doctors live in a bit of a bubble.

So, smile and nod.  And then tell them!  Tell them what you did.  Tell them why.  Tell them that it worked.  They don't know if we don't tell them.  It's what I will be doing from now on. 

And if nothing else fails, get a new doctor.  Because you certainly aren't obligated to sit and listen to someone you don't agree with tell you what you should do (and get paid for it) and make you feel bad for not doing it.


Alisha said...

Thanks! I needed this today <3

Nicole said...

When Mia was severely jaundiced, the Dr gave me a choice of routine bloodwork OR stopping nursing for 3 days. I choose the bloodwork.