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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A great Sunday hike

Fall is so great.  This fall is making up for the spring that never really came.  So on Sunday after church we headed up to Cave Falls for a little fall hike.

This is how Violet started the hike:

We were headed to Bechler Falls.  I'd heard the hike was pretty and the falls are nice.

First, Grace spotted this little snake.  So we examined it for a moment.

And then we were on our way.  What a beautiful walk!  The kids had all eaten a great lunch before we left and the hike wasn't strenuous at all.  Calla and Grace lead the way most of the way up.

What's that we hear?????

Could it be a falls??  I think so!

Here I offer proof that I was there. 

Daddy took this picture of Violet on his back.  She woke up about halfway up.  Love that girl.

And daddy spotted the most exciting thing about the whole trip! 

We stood there for a good 15 minutes watching for fish jumping up the falls. So fun to watch!  This was a pretty big one in comparison.  Some of them were pretty small.  Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Our fearless leader.  She really did just get out front and hike.  And she kept up a great pace.

After a bit, they needed a rest.  I couldn't resist taking about a hundred pictures of them resting. 


And then we trooped off again. (Is 'trooped' even a work??  I'm going to choose to use it anyway because I like it.)

Even at the pace Calla was keeping, she was watching.  Here she found a huge mushroom.

As it got on towards dinner time, there was a big rain cloud that made the scenery SO beautiful!

And the troops after our return.  We made it! 

Maybe next time we'll tackle the hike to Old Faithful.  It's only 31.8 miles! 

But I doubt it. 

When we got home, Calla, who was cold and tired, asked if we could do that again.  I think we just might try to find some more hikes like that around here little girl!  Maybe when you are older, we'll hike to Old Faithful from there. 

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