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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grandma's house or bust!

Here in Idaho we have Harvest Break.  So about a month after school starts, we get a two week break to get the potatoes in.  Meantime, Spring Break is a four day weekend.  Both options I find pretty awesome.

We aren't working in the potatoes, so we take advantage of the break and make a trip West to visit the husband's family and our friends.

It's a 16 hour drive.  And while we have made the investment in a portable DVD player, we didn't have a fancy way to situate it so all the kiddos could see it.  Enter daddy, some old barn lumber, webbing and some 2" screws.  The guy is a miracle worker.

It's not refined like many of you are accustomed to, but dang, you gotta give him some credit! 

And off we went.  One of our stops was a 76 station.  Here the girls are checking out the display on the end of the pump island:  A children's guide to splattered bugs.

And to the front of the car. 

To quote Grace, "Mom, they're too squished."  But it still made me laugh.

We finally made it to grandma's house.  And there was certainly fun to be had!  Cooking, baking, watching real television, walking the dog, rolling down the front lawn with Uncle Lance.

Seeing friends.  We were able to get together with my mom friends and all their kids.  Everyone made it!  I was so honored.  Here are all the kids:

And all of us. 

Grace took this picture.  We had about four of our older kids standing in front of us snapping about 100 photos.  It was awesome!

And the swing set (as well as the dress up) got a good workout. 

We also made our annual trek to the pumpkin patch.  The one with the culvert slides.  Calla loves them just as much as I do!

These are the barn swings.  So much fun!

And the rule is, if you can't pack your pumpkin, it's too big!  And mama isn't carrying it for you!  (Daddy, that means you, too!!)


Perfect again!

And again!

Sometimes daddy does listen to mommy.  He's learning that everyone is happier that way.  Love that guy.

And here I offer proof that Carsten and I were there.  With great grandma.  She's a trooper!  And Grace is getting good at using the camera.

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