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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey! Your baby is a month old! It's time for FORMULA!!

Yes, apparently it is time to feed my baby formula, especially now that he's a whole FOUR WEEKS OLD.  At least according to Enfamil.  I got this in the mail last week:

Open it up and I can read about prebiotics and how they are in breast milk to support my baby's immune system.  But, now I can get them in Enfamil PREMIUM. 

"So, when you give your baby Enfamil PREMIUM, you're giving him a formula designed to support his natural defenses, which is one of the best things a mom can do."

And there are attached checks for my "next" purchase. 

Really?  Because being the crazy lady I am, I thought the BEST thing I could do was nurse my baby????  And what do you mean my "next" purchase?  I haven't purchased formula in the whole 7+ years since I birthed my first baby . . .

Maybe I'm doing something wrong . . .

Oh wait.  That's what they wanted me to think!!

Then this week I got this one . . .

Now of course if I had been feeling inadequate about my ability to breastfeed my little man, I may have gone out last week and tried the promising new formula and now my baby boy would probably have all kinds of tummy troubles.  So the timing of this one is very interesting. 

"Is  your baby crying, cranky or fussy?"

"Put your mind--and your baby--at ease with clinically proven, problem-solving formulas from Enfamil."

"And you'll have a happier baby (and a happier you)."

Uhhhh . . . my baby is the happiest baby around.  And, at four weeks, he's chunking up nicely and is approaching TWELVE pounds!!

These ads make me cranky, and I don't think there is any formula that is going to fix my cranky.  First, they are telling me that I'm a smart mom who knows what's best for my baby.  BUT, did I know that I could be doing better??


They go on, insisting that not only will my baby be happier, I will be happier, too!  All I have to do is feed my baby one of these three formulas.

Yes, I'm still cranky.  And I'm still not going to buy their formula.

But their marketing strategy works for a reason.  And that is even a bigger battle that mommies who know what's best for their babies fight.  No, I'm not anti-formula.  I'm anti-marketing to vulnerable and/or naive folks to make them feel inadequate so they buy crap they don't need, whether they are moms or not.  (I hate that if my kids do watch television, they think they need crap cereal and crap toys and other crap.  It's why we don't pay for cable.)

Dear Enfamil, your strategy to make me feel inadequate only made me mad.  Bad move.  News flash, I'm going to continue to nurse the kid, just like I have the previous THREE babies.  And, anyone I meet who seems to be falling for your horrible marketing (that should be illegal) will not be encouraged by me to use formula, whether it's yours or not.  They will be gently encouraged to continue nursing their baby and they will be pointed towards resources that will also gently encourage them to continue nursing.  It's how it should be because breast milk is infinitely superior to the stuff you are selling.  My mom always told me that people try to make themselves feel better by making others feel inadequate.  And based on your strategy, I think you know your canned powder is inadequate and you certainly are trying to make yourself feel superior.    Maybe you should consider some counseling to get that fixed. 

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Mama Rachel said...

LOL! I'm a total stranger, but I LOVE this post! And I say "AMEN" to all you said!!! :-D