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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is pregnancy without a remodel??

With this baby coming we found ourselves suddenly a few spaces short. Currently Violet shares her room with the office, Grace and Calla share a room, my sewing is in the guest room, and there are toys strewn throughout the house.

And we have a big, empty, unfinished basement.

And we know there is hardwood all through the house.

So, about a month ago I announced to Brent that I had a crazy idea. I have all sorts of crazy ideas, so this wasn't too much of a surprise.

What if we cleaned up one side of the basement, took the carpet out of the livingroom, exposing the hardwood floors, put the carpet in the basement, moved the office, sewing, toys and television down there, put Grace in the bedroom and bed that is currently reserved for guests, and put Violet up with Calla?

After a few days, he started cleaning up the basement. And yesterday, we took out the livingroom carpet and put it in the basement.


Just getting started:

And after pulling tack strips and a million staples, the current state of the livingroom!

I cannot tell you how thrilled we are. The livingroom seems liberated and our furniture no longer seems out of place, the kids are thrilled to have the basement, and we were pleasently surprised at the state of the wood floors. They could use a good sanding and re-finishing, but that just isnt' going to happen just yet. We will give them a good cleaning and fix the ledges and hopefully find a piece of bound, padded carpeting to put in the livingroom. But right now, I'm loving the character this old hous has; Brent and I agreed that it just keeps getting better.

So far the total cost has been (drumroll please) . . . $0.00. That's right, we haven't spent a dime.

Up next, the basement.

It does currently have the carpet and the kids' toys, but we need some sheetrock and a few other details before we consider that project even close to done. We do have until August, but so far, we've got a good start!

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Carol K said...

I continue to follow your adventures, Heidi, and you continue to amaze me. What a good idea about the remodel! Your hardwood floor looks wonderful. Good job, Brent, you're a very handy man!