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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor baby

My poor little Violet. In the last two days I have absolutely broken her heart--on accident. And it involved babywearing.

The first time was on Tuesday. Calla was crabby and needy and I finally just asked her if she wanted on my back. That usually fixes her up quite quickly. Violet heard me offer and melted into a puddle of, "Mommy back . . . mommy back . . ." accompanied by big, fat tears. I felt so bad, but we figured it out and they were soon both very happy.

The second time I had a mom here and was showing her a couple carriers because she was going on a trip and has a 3-month-old. I was helping the mom and her baby into a mei tai and V was on daddy's lap. Suddenly, V melted into the same puddle she did the day before, all over this baby who was being put into a carrier. So, I took V and we went and picked a carrier and she got on my back and happily bounced through the rest of the session.

The kid is brainwashed, I'm telling you. This morning at breakfast she tried to wrap her napkin around her and kept saying, "Carrier!" And if she sees babies in carriers, she points and smiles and says, "Baby, carrier!" She will bring a play silk to me at least once every couple days demanding "tie!" She'll then stick a baby in the front, check herself in the mirror and go prancing around the house all proud of her babywearing skills.

And she's not even 20 months yet. I think she's sufficiently brainwashed. hee hee!

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Kimberlina said...

But she checks in the mirror after you tie the baby on so it sounds to me like you have properly educated her on safe babywearing. Good work.