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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ummmm . . . no I didn't.

My two oldest have been fighting non-stop since we moved. I'm sure it is the move and all that, but it's been totally out of control. I even seperate them and they still fight across rooms and halls and oceans.

No I didn't!

Yes you did!

No I didn't!

Yes you did!

No I didn't FIRST!

I had kept telling myself that they were still just adjusting to the move. Moving is hard on kids. It's hard on everyone.

But yesterday I realized that the problem is my almost 3-year-old. I was changing the sheets on my bed and she walked in.

What are you doing, mom?

Changing the sheets.


Because you peed on them.

No I didn't. You did.

Houston, I think I found the problem.

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Billye said...

ROFLOL. Talk about passing the buck! And some say little children are innocent!