After four kids, ten moves and nearly two decades, we are still blissfully in love (most of the time) and I found myself back in the state I was born and raised in. It has definitely been a journey. In fact, on our 18th anniversary we pulled the last of our stuff up over the pass and into Montana, leaving our surprise love, Idaho, behind. But Montana is a great place. The last best place according to some. And we fully intend to explore as much of it as we can! Join us on our continued adventure through life, love and other stuff that comes with it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meet Freida

Some of you may already know her. She’s my star employee—ready to do her job at any time during the day or night. (Though I must admit, I don’t pay Worker's Comp on her. Somehow that is okay.) I’m very thankful for her. She makes my life so much easier with me not having to find a cooperative kid for each picture, take pictures of myself or drape carriers over a chair. Really, it's so much easier since she's been around.

We met several months ago. She was looking for work on Craigslist and I immediately knew with some tidying up, she’d be a great match for Silly Goose Baby.

She has an interesting past. At one point she even tried out for Toy Story. But they told her she was too ‘full figured’ and needed to get legs if she wanted the part. And dang that girl, she would not bow to the pressure of Hollywood! (The girl who did get the part actually suffered quite a bit of ridicule after the movie because due to some freak accident, the rod and reel was actually permanently attached to her. She finally found her calling though, working a bit of construction and joined a local volunteer search and rescue team. She’s since been hired full time doing search and rescue and is getting some national notice. They are in the process of getting her on a specialized nation-wide team. She did join the circus for a while before she found her niche in search and rescue. Freida went and saw her on their way through a couple summers ago. They had a nice visit.)

We’ve happily taken her into our home and our lives. She is a household name. My oldest daughter will smile big when she sees one of Freida’s friends on the job and say, “Look mom! They got a Freida, too!” And I have to explain to her that there is only one Freida. That that model in the window may be doing the same job, but she certainly is not as special as the girl we have at home.

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Billye said...

Freida has had quite the past. Thankfully she is now in a safe and happy home.