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Thursday, June 5, 2014

A heart-warming story of love and rejection and not giving up

Confession:  I stole this post title from my friend.  Because it is perfect.

A few months ago Violet (5) announced at dinner that she met the boy she thinks she is going to marry.  Upon exploration of the subject through some questions posed to her by her father and me, we learned that said boy was in some of her classes at our home school co-op and he wore striped shirts a lot.  And pants.  He always wore pants.  (We decided that was a very good quality in a boy.)  Unfortunately she didn't know his name.  We told her it might be a good idea to figure that out and sent her off in the world with that assignment.

Now, I had a suspicion that I might know who this boy was, but I could never quite nail it down.  And a couple weeks ago we invited a fellow homeschooling family over, which we should have done long ago because they are awesome.  And what do you know?  The boy she thinks she is going to marry hops out of the car.  She was elated.  We will call him Mr. C.

We hung out all afternoon, went on a walk, ate lunch, let the kids run wild (because that is what home school is, right) in the woods (with pants on of course), and just enjoyed the day with them.  (Have I mentioned that I don't like moving and leaving my friends that I have just freshly settled into?  Again?)

At any rate, Violet and Mr. C were pretty much attached at the hip the entire time they were at our house.  It was adorable.

His mom and I are thrilled.

Later that day Violet announced that she asked Mr. C to marry her.  And he said no.  She didn't seem too broken up by it, but I did call his mom to let her know what was going on.  It seemed important.

At dinner that night Violet was talking to her dad about her proposal and how he turned her down. (They are breaking him in early I think.  He can have these conversations now without turning unnatural colors and looking like he might pass out.) While this conversation is taking shape I got a text from Mr C's mom that said,  "Richard just asked Mr. C why he said no.  Mr C sighed a little and said, 'Well ... there's someone else ...'  We died laughing."

I confess I had my phone close by and laughed quite heartily myself!  Violet's reaction was even better.  She sat there for a bit and then said, "Mom, when me and Mr. C get older can we go on dates and stuff, like to movies and ice skating?"  

The kid is not giving up very easily.  I admire that in a girl.  She knows what she wants and she is going after it.

So then today we were at a function with this same family and there were about six families worth of home school kids running wild outside (because isn't that what home school is all about?  With pants of of course.).  Violet came in after another cupcake and someone said that she had been trying to sit on Mr. C's lap.  I kind of looked at her sideways and told her she needed to make sure to give him his space.  She just giggled a happy giggle and ran out the door.  It was adorable.

I like the kid.  I like his mom.  (I haven't met his dad, but I am sure I would like him, too.)  I like his siblings.  Violet has good taste in friends.  Oh, and when we were visiting today, we discovered that Mr C and Violet have names that mean the same thing.  It was meant to be!

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