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Saturday, September 1, 2012

She's the most beautiful 9-year-old I know

As of today, my first born is NINE!  And she is super excited about it. 
Of course, she's graceful about it. We had a little impomtu birthday party for her with two presents. One from Calla and one from us.
Calla gave her the cutest present.  She glued a plastic heart back onto a crown that was part of a Halloween costume a couple years ago and gave it to her all fixed.  She gave her a card that she wrote "I love you 100" in.  She's been saying things like, "I like it 100 percent!" lately and the card was so cute.  And she drew a little picture of Grace on the horse, folded it up, folded it into another piece of paper and stuck it to a giant bow.  And then she smiled and beamed the whole time Grace went through the package. 
We gave her what she wanted.  She's been asking for a stereo since her last one broke.  She also asked for a couple CDs.  "The relaxing ones like we have in the car." 
At this moment my beautiful nine-year-old is sitting in the livingroom reading while listening to a CD of classical piano music.  She mused, "They must have four hands to play like that, mom." 
"It's just a lot of practice, I said. "And speaking of, you need to do that today."
But she's just sitting there reading still.  And I'm going to leave her there so I can see her sitting there while I make her birthday dinner--spagetti. 
Happy Birthday, Grace.  You get more beautiful by the day!

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