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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We love grandmas! (And grandpas, too!)

Calla brought a note home from preschool last week saying that a group of ladies from one of the churches that supports the preschool had a present for each of the preschoolers.  Parents were invited to come to the presentation. 

And then this morning I had two little kids with fevers.  On a normal day I would have just made the decision that Calla wasn't going to go to school.  But today I felt I needed to call in reinforcements--AKA Daddy.

Daddy was up for the task, as always.  And I'm really glad, because this is right up Calla's alley.

That's right!  This group of ladies (many of them grandmothers) MADE a quilt for every child in Calla's preschool.  And Calla is absolutely thrilled with hers.  I haven't seen her without it for more than 5 minutes since she got home.  All she can do is smile about her quilt and the "quiltmakers" that made it for her.

So I called Calla's teacher to tell her how great I thought that was--that these things make my heart happy.  While I was talking to her, Grace was dutifully practicing her piano in the background and she asked who that was playing the piano.  I told her it was Grace practicing for her grandma's birthday party.  (But don't tell grandma!)  Naturally she then asked if it was the grandma with the white fridge or the grandma with the black fridge.

This just made me laugh.  Why?  Because it's just a glimpse into the funny little world behind our front door.   A couple years ago Grace found out that one of her friends had a grandma Mimi. This made her laugh because she thought it was kind of a weird name for a grandma.  She thought it was weird right up until I reminded her that she has 1) grandma with the black fridge, 2) grandpa who lives with the grandma with the black fridge, 3) grandma with the white fridge (formally known as grandma snicklefritz), 4) grandpa silly, and 5) the other grandma.  Some of these grandparents even sign birthday and other holiday cards with these titles.  The titles are loving titles that are used with great affection around here. 

To answer the original question, the grandma with the birthday is Grandpa Silly's mom.  We're excited to celebrate with her!  Because we love grandparents!  All kinds of grandparents. 

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