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Friday, December 12, 2008

Yummy Chicken. Nuff said.

Food. Sometimes there is that meal that is just divine. And to top it off, it's easy.

Tonite my husband said, "You know, I really like this. I think you could make it every night and I wouldn't get tired of it" as he was picking every last yummy piece out of the pan while I was cleaning up the rest of dinner.

We call it Yummy Chicken--the recipe was actually called Indian Summer Chicken.

A note on my recipe--I'm a "little of this and a little of that" type cook. It sometimes drives my almost type-A husband crazy. But he really likes this dish--and it always turns out yummy.

Brown some chicken breasts. Then throw in some chicken broth (like a can) a glug or two of white wine and a can of stewed tomatoes--or any tomatoes really. Stewed, canned whole, canned diced, fresh, whatever. Tomato sauce would probably work well, too. Simmer that for about 30 minutes. Toss in some basil--fresh if you've got it. And serve. Yummy chicken. We have it with wild rice blend and a salad. And even the girls eat it all up.

Pure bliss in a dish.


Lisa Curdy said...

Your yummy chicken is always a hit. Made it a few nights ago for the inlaws, minus the tomatoes. Just the chicken. Which would be nearly yummy chicken, but it was still delicious. What I love is your easy macaroni and cheese. And grilled cheese sandwiches. Truly a smart mama. Happy snow day!

Billye said...

Yep, we love your Yummy Chicken too. Thanks for the recipe. I have been growing basil inside just for this dish. Maybe we will have it tonight!