After four kids, ten moves and nearly two decades, we are still blissfully in love (most of the time) and I found myself back in the state I was born and raised in. It has definitely been a journey. In fact, on our 18th anniversary we pulled the last of our stuff up over the pass and into Montana, leaving our surprise love, Idaho, behind. But Montana is a great place. The last best place according to some. And we fully intend to explore as much of it as we can! Join us on our continued adventure through life, love and other stuff that comes with it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Keepin' it real--and un-sexy

I think it's just who I am, but I have a really hard time being anything other than what I am. Shoot, I don't even wear make-up. I guess I could be catagorized as a "take it or leave it" girl without that attitude. My husband and friends comment that they really don't have to wonder what I think--and if they do, they just have to ask. I even have people say to me "Wow, Heidi. Tell us what you *really* think." Yet, I don't think I'm harsh or overbearing, unless there was a line crossed somewhere that gets my undies all in a bunch. Then, well, I won't go there.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because I've realized it's how I've been running this business as well. Check out my website and you will find only real mamas with their babies (or a borrowed baby that is their friend's/sister's child) in their real clothes with their real hair and real make-up, or lack of make-up in my case.

We've had fun at our photo shoots. The one in the park was a bit interesting since we got there and the whole park except the rose garden was surrounded by chain-link fence. The photograpaher (yet another *real* mama who loves photography and takes payment in carriers) was super sweet and we made it worth our day. Again, real mamas, real babies.

All my instruction photos are in front of about 8 yards of black strap fabric that we tacked up in my dining room. My friends came over with their kids, we shot a ton of pictures, had some laughs, and then they made their own grilled cheese sandwiches as payment. I love my friends.

Also, I realized in the last couple weeks that there is something that sets a Silly Goose apart from other carriers besides the adjustable feature. It's chubby. Yup, it's a chubby carrier. Quite pear shaped to be sure. Very not curve-acious and really quite un-sexy. Freida, my trusty model, is even a *gasp* "full figured" model (i.e. size 10/12 with something like a C cup--I'd love to have her figure!). But (and I had a someone tell me that I'm really not biased because it's the truth) the good ole' goose works and it's darn comfortable for lots of mamas of many shapes and sizes and their little or big babies.

And my business name and logo--it's a goose for Pete's sake. Nothing sexy about a goose--except she does have pretty eyelashes.

So, maybe my new tag line should be something like, "Silly Goose--nothing sexy about it, but it's comfortable" or "Silly Goose--like those pants you wear when you don't plan to leave the house, only prettier."

Or, I just keep plugging away at my target customer--real mamas who want something that makes sense and is quite comfortable and quite practical. Basically, keep it real and keep it fun. That's my plan. So far I think it's been working.

Happy Babywearing!


silverrose12 said...

Just loving you keepin' it real. Another mama who nearly never wears makeup, does the hair, etc. I like your pics, very real, very normal, very me!

Heidi said...

Awwww . . . thanks! I know there are more of *our kind* out there. We give new meaning to the word "normal." Hee hee!